3D Scope II - LC Mounting Bracket - Wall Mount

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    This article provides information about installation and usage of the SMS approved counter bracketing hardware available for purchase.

    How to assemble the bracket

    1. Assemble the Arm Mount with the U shape bracket

    Parts Needed

    • Mounting the U shape bracket to the arm mount

      • The Arm mount should now resemble the following

    2. Assemble the Arm mount and the camera bracket

    • Parts needed

    Mounting the Camera  bracket to the arm mount 


    3. Mounting the 3D Camera mount to the Bracket

            Parts needed 



                A. Loosen the 4 screws to allow the bracket arm to be easily adjustable to the 3D frame

            B. Align the bracket arm with the 3D Frame and mounting together using the screws, washer and nuts. (Doing one arm at a time might be easier)

    Inside View

    Top View


            4. Mounting Bracket is now completed

    Assembly With out the 3D Camera

    Assembly with the 3D Camera


    Q: Do you offer high end / different style brackets?

    A: We don't but we know that some customers are sourcing their own systems. One high end brand which seems to have accommodate some context can be found here - https://www.peerless-av.com/collections/projector-mounts - SMS offers no support on this self-serve option.

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