2D Easy - How to change HTTP Server Connection IP Address

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    As part of a recent security update, 2D Easy (Optex) counters which are still using old TLS security protocols are required to be migrated to report to an alternate server.

    As of June 10th, 2019 the old server IP https://www.smssoftware.net/tms/optexrcv.jsp will no longer be valid and be required to be only using https://altpush.smssoftware.net/tms/optexrcv.jsp 

    How to update the 2D Easy counter Server IP

    1. Login to the optex counter
    2. Click the transfer settings tab
    3. Update IP Address under the HTTP Server Connection section from www.smssoftware.net to altpush.smssoftware.net
    4. Click Test HTTP Settings
    5. Confirm you received Server Connection Confirmed
    6. Save Transfer Settings

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