SMS FTP - Firewall Settings to mitigate issues

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    The following are the optimal settings to deploy on a stores or corporations firewall which is to upload/download information to and from the SMS FTP servers.

    Modes of Operation

    Change active vs. passive mode. FTP clients and libraries have two modes of operation: Active mode and Passive mode. If the default doesn’t work for you, try the other mode. As you try the other suggestions below, make sure to try each suggestion under both Active and Passive mode. Different firewalls work with different modes.


    Switching to FTP-over-SSL on port 990 (implicit) or port 21 (explicit). In many cases, using SSL will get around any firewall blocking.

    SMS FTP Ports - for Whitelisting

    SMS FTP offers port 3021 as an alternate port for FTP. Often times, simply using port 3021 will allow your connection to work through your firewall.

    Some firewalls block all outbound traffic and require whitelisting by IP address. In order to get around that you’d need to speak to your firewall administrator and have them put our servers onto your whitelist. The following IPs should be whitelisted on ports80, 443, 21, 22, 990, 3990, 3021, 3022 as well as FTP data ports 40000-50000.

    Server IP to Whitelist


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