How to verify if a 3D scope is online and communicating with T.M.A.S.

Testcomms tool

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    This article explains how technicians can verify that a 3D Camera is online and communicating to the T.M.A.S. server, prior to leaving site

    Application URL


    1. Obtain MAC address from device
      (begins with "00:0B:91:xx:yy:zz")

      IMPORTANT : be sure that no spaces are included when submitting the MAC address

    2. Navigate to the TESTCOMM site's URL (above)
    3. Enter the MAC address of the device
    4. Click on "Check"

    If the test is successful, the technician will see the following message : "The peripheral is communicating. The SMS technical team will get notified."

    If unsuccessful, the technician will see the following message and must follow directives:
    "Communications FAIL!

    1) Please reboot the counting peripheral
    2) Wait 2 minutes for the peripheral to attempt to communicate to T.M.A.S.
    3) Enter exactly the MAC address in the form field
    4) The software platform will confirm if the peripheral has attempted to connect
    5) If the peripheral is still not communicating, please check the following article for guidance -
    6) SMS agents are available 8am-6pm ET weekdays) and can be reached via Chat here - (bottom right corner)"

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