3D Scope I, II and LC - How to find the IP Address assigned

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    The purpose of this article is to provide troubleshooting steps for a user attempting to access the 3DScope I, II or LC through a web browser.  However they cannot as either they do not know the IP address of the counter on their store's local network.

    Article Sections: 

    • Simple Network Scan
    • Advanced Network Scan
    • Traffic Counter Hard Reset to default IP

    Problem Description: 

    Cannot find the units IP address


    Simple Network Scan

    • Scan the network for the MAC Address (MAC can be found on the unit’s label)

      ** You can use Advance IP Scanner by clicking here, free download tool.

      1) Enter the IP range of the network

      2) Click Scan

      3) Locate the MAC Address

      4) Take note of the IP Address

      5) Follow the standard device login with the IP found in step 4
      You can now resume login into the device.

    Advance Network Scan

    • If a simple network scan from the step above doesn’t work you can use a more advance scan option

      ** You can use Wireshark by clicking here, free download tool.

    1. Select your NIC (Network interface card) that is connected to the proper network

    2. Enter (with out quotes) “eth.addr == MACAddress” and hit enter

    • Mac Address Example is: 00:0B:91:89:09:7D

    3. Click on the line, where the mac address is showing the last 6 digits

    4. Expand the Internet Protocol Version 4

    5. Take note of the Source and destination IP, as one will be your pc and the other will be the units.

    You can now resume login into the device.

    ** Please note that the networking tools are only intended to help find the required information and are not supported by SMS.

    Connecting to the unit:

    All SMS unit ship, unless otherwise specified with the following default IP

    • Default IP:

    Cannot find the IP address

    If the unit cannot be access via the default or provided IP a unit reset and recalibration will have to be performed.


    As of May 2019, SMS will be shipping out new counters in DHCP mode unless instructions were provided at purchase to specify what network addresses are required to be programed into the unit prior to shipping.

    Locating the device currently on the network. 

    DHCP mode means that the counter will automatically obtain network addresses when properly connected to a network which has a DHCP server.  

    In this case you would need only verify If the device is on the network to determine what IP address it has been assigned, so you can access the device through a web browser.

    Refer to this article about how to locate the counter on your network: https://help.storetraffic.com/3dscope-ii/3d-scope-i-ii-and-lc-finding-the-ip-address

    Unable to locate the counter on the Network?

    If you are unable to locate the counter on the network, you may need to factory reset the counter back to defaults.  Refer to the following article about how to reset the counter: https://help.storetraffic.com/3dscope/3dscope-how-to-reset-to-factory-defaults

    How to determine what network addresses to program into the counter

    If the counter has been factory reset to the default network addresses and you are unsure about what to program into the counter, Refer to this article for steps : https://help.storetraffic.com/hardware/finding-network-addresses-for-a-traffic-counter

    Steps to IP the camera from the default network addresses.

    Connect Camera to Laptop

    1. Plug PoE Injector power out port to IP traffic counter with network cable
    2. Plug PoE Injector data network port to Laptop
    3. Plug power adapter to PoE Injector

    Give Laptop Static IP to access traffic counter

    1. Win + R
    2. Type NCPA.CPL
    3. Press Enter
    4. Right Click Local Area Connection for your Laptop Lan Port
    5. Select properties
    6. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
    7. Select properties
    8. Bullet Use the following IP address
      1. IP address: 
      2. Subnet Mask:
      3. Default Gateway:
      4. Preferred DNS server:
    9. Press OK
    10. Press Close

    Verify connection to traffic counter from Laptop

    1. WIN+R
    2. Type CMD
    3. Press Enter
    4. Type ping
    5. Press Enter – You should see 4 reply’s from that IP which means you should be able to access.

    Connecting to counter on default IP to program a static IP or enable DHCP.

    1. Open Browser (works best with Edge)
    2. URLhttp:// 
    3. Input Default Username and Password
    4. Click Network (Cloud)
    5. Check off use DHCP or Input IP, Subnet and Gateway desired
    6. Click Save
    7. Click Service Tools
    8. Click Reboot – Allow camera to complete reboot cycle prior to powering off the unit to apply the changes.

    Repeat steps to access camera on new IP if statically programmed to confirm good. Or verify DHCP server to what IP was assigned to the MAC address.

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