3DScope - How to Audit

This article shows how to audit your 3D scope and how to test the different features - Check here

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    The following process applies to the 3D Scope 1st generation camera.  The 3DScope II camera has an onboard recording feature which does not require this process to use a 3rd party software to capture the live feed.

    How to Audit a 3DScope Traffic Counter.

    SMS uses the following software.

    Here is the link to the software we use. Techsmith SnagIt - https://www.techsmith.com/snagit.html - It will require you to sign up for a trial and is available for purchase.

    Here is a link to the tutorial about how to use the video capture - https://www.techsmith.com/tutorial-snagit-13.html

    Steps to setup cam for Auditing.

    Connect and Login to camera

    1. Select Live view
    2. Check Display AOI and Counting Lines
    3. Check Live Image
    4. Start Capture as per instructions in tutorial link above.
    5. Set Capture area to include the only the Camera GUI and not the entire browser to limit the size of the video. Also insure that you have a good connection, wired if possible and that no other programs which require HIGH bandwidth are running in the background to have a good image quality.
      Capture for 20 people minimum for a good sample then Save – 1 Camera per Audit. Additional cameras in a single capture could degrade or lag the quality which may result in a recapture needed.
    6. Once done – review and make note of the score and time of counts or any misses.

    If you need SMS help there after we can review with you what you have seen as misses and suggest how to compensate for it. Otherwise if you require SMS to capture and review the above then a service fee of 150.00$ /hr will be required.

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