3DScope - Application Blocked by Java Security

Error accessing device

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    Problem: Application Blocked by Java Security

    When attempting to open the 3DScope (1st generation) counter with internet explorer there is a Java Application Blocked message that appears.

    Solution: Add the device to the Java Security Exceptions

    1. Click OK or Click Ignore to message
    2. Close Internet Explorer Window
    3. Click Start
    4. Select Control Panel
    5. Select Java (Java Control Panel widow will appear)
    6. Select Security tab
    7. Select Edit Site List (Exception Site List window will appear)
    8. Input IP Address of counter (Example:
    9. Select Add 
    10. Select Continue to following security warning message 
    11. Click OK to Exception Site List Window
    12. Click OK to Java Control Panel window
    13. Attempt to re-access 3DScope now in Internet Explorer
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