3D Scope I - Update command Line

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents


    This guide is to help customers update the 3D Scope I using WinSCP.



    1. Once WinSCP is opened, Click on the command line icon
    2. Input the following command click execute at each input

    Commands to be entered:

    • rm -rf /update/FU_ExtractedFiles
    • mkdir /update/FU_ExtractedFiles

    Next in WinSCP,

    In the orange section (local directory), navigate to the local folder where the 3D Scope firmware was downloaded.

    In the red section  (3D Scope I) navigate to /update/FU_ExtractedFiles

    Drap and drop the file from the local directory to the 3D Scope folder. 

    Execute the following commands:

    • tar -xf FullUpdate_3.10.1.1.tar (let run as this can take a few minutes)
    • ./UpdateScript.sh (let run as this can take a few minutes) 
    • reboot

    In T.M.A.S. you should now see the device reporting on firmware

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