3DScope - ieframe.dll/acr_error.htm in Internet Explorer


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    Problem: ieframe.dll error

    User is unable to access the interface of a 3DScope (1st Generation) counter through the Internet Explorer browser due to the follow error displayed.


    • Counter is online and powered
    • Counter is programed for the network
    • Counter can be pinged and browser prompts for login credentials
    • Internet Explorer Version 11
    • Message indicating a "problem with this webpage caused Internet Explorer to close."

    Resolution: add IP to browser compatibility view settings

    1. Click Internet Tools or Press ATL+X
    2. Select Compatibility View Settings
    3. Input IP address of the counter
    4. Click Add
    5. Close Browser
    6. Open Browser
    7. Input IP address of the counter
    8. Follow the regular prompt to access the counter by allowing the Java application to run.
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