How to assign a 3DScope 1st Gen PUSH mode to a location

How to add the device to equipment inventory

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    Once a new 3DScope has been installed in a location the device needs to be setup with the SOAP server information and assigned in the TMAS software in-order for it to receive instructions to starts reporting counts.

    3DScope 1st Generation - Setup communication and Assign in TMAS Software

    Set up the 3DScope to communicate with TMAS (SMS Hosted SaaS)

    1. Login to the 3DScope
    2. Select Communication Settings
    3. Select Push Service Tab
    4. Check off Use Push Service
    5. Select HTTPS from SOAP Protocol Type
    6. Input for SOAP server
    7. Click Save
    8. Press OK to following reboot message
    9. Click Service Tools
    10. Select Reboot Device Tab
    11. Click Reboot Device

    Assigning the 3DScope in Equipment Inventory

    1. Login to TMAS
    2. Select Store location to add the equipment
    3. Expand Configure from the Main Menu on left
    4. Select Equipment Inventory
    5. Click Add
    6. Select 3DScope
    7. Bullet unassigned
    8. Input MAC address
    9. Edit an identifier for your device if desired
    10. Select Interval 15min
    11. Select Count Refresh Interval 15min
    12. Select Alive Delay 30min
    13. Select Time Zone for location *VERY IMPORTANT THIS IS ACCURATE*
    14. Click Next
    15. Indicate the Following
      • Sensor Labels (Name of sensor, best to include direction)
      • Sensor Factor (Default 50%, Can be 100% or a Negative for advanced filtering)
      • Viewable in reports (If Unchecked traffic from this sensor will ONLY appear in the sensor traffic report)
      • Capture Reference (Used for Store Front counting Pass By Traffic and not for Door Counting)
      • Retail Genie Sensor #
    16. Click Finish


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