Pop-up message - Delayed Report Generation

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    General Information

    T.M.A.S. will prompt a message indicating that report generation may be delayed due to certain selections which exceed the programmed threshold therefore NOT allow for the report generation to complete in a timely matter.  Users need to option in order to continue to wait for the report to be generated, elect to receive the report by e-mail to the address currently assigned to the logged in user or go back and make changed to the report selections.

    Example of pop-up message

    Report Generation Thresholds

    • Date range selected in Locations Options exceeds 31 days.
    • Number of locations is equal to or greater than 
    • Reporting Points exceeded.

    What to do when you encounter this message

    • Click "YES" to receive a report by e-mail from noreply@smssoftware.net based on the current selections.
    • Click "NO" to continue to wait for the current report to generate and display on the screen.
    • Click "X" to close the message and make changes to the existing report 


    Q: I did not receive the report by e-mail!
    A: Make sure that you select YES to the message. A bar should appear indicating that the report is being generated and a green message banner when successfully sent.  Selecting NO will NOT send and e-mail and attempt the generation which may be lengthy dependent on the selections made.  If you have been simply Xing out the window, nothing will have happened as this is expected. If you got this, verify that your e-mail is correct for the user account you are currently logged in as this is what is used to e-mail the report.  The report is e-mailed from noreply@smssoftware.net be sure to search for this sender your inbox and junk folder in the event it got filtered there.  If you still cannot find the report by e-mail and are certain all selections are correct, contact techsupport@storetraffic.com, they will ask you which report type and selections were made as well as to what e-mail address is on the user account so that they can proceed to attempt to replicate the issue and investigate.


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