How to schedule a meeting with SMS

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    SMS service department is committed to providing the best response time to answer all questions, inquiries, and issues in a timely matter.  However, sometimes a knowledge database and e-mails are not enough.  In response to that SMS offers its customers the ability to schedule a meeting with a  support representative when they are available in an attempt to streamline the process of having customers schedule their availability vs. our availability. This helps cut down on the back and forth of e-mail to coordinate.

    Use the window below to schedule your meeting.

    How to Setup the Appointment.

    1. Click Link

    2. Input Time Zone of Location

    3. Select Desired Time appearing

    4. Click Continue

    5. Input your name/last name, phone #, e-mail etc.

    6. Answer questions in bullets

    7. Click Complete appointment.

    You will receive a confirmation e-mail that will also allow you to set a reminder, add to your calendar as well as reschedule if needed. Please be advised that there is a 12-hour Policy. No appoint can be made or rescheduled within 12 hours.

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