DBRF Wireless Beam - Sensor is blocked

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    Your Traffic Counter's beam is obstructed and cannot count accurately.

    Model: DBRF 15-01 Wireless Beam Sensors


    This is typically caused by an object interfering with the beams, such as the following.

    Possible obstructing objects

    • Signage may be obstructing the beam
    • Plants, Furniture or displays may be obstructing the beam
    • A new store design or shelving may now be obstructing the beam

    Possible technical issues related the the beam installation

    • Beam may be out of alignment
    • Cover has become unhinged
    • The Beam may have become unmounted from the wall/structure
    • door handle or hinge may be obstructing the beam
    • glass may be obstructing the beam
    • sun light may be intensely shining into the beams
    • one side of the beam sensor may no longer be powered

    Refer to the DBRF 15-01 installation manual attached here about how to resolve the above technical issues.

    Wireless system install manual.pdf

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