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    The Ranking of Location report ranks your location performance, for the specified period, on up to 4 variables at a time. The report also includes the yearly ranking.

    How is it Useful?
    The Ranking of Location report allows to sort stores based on their performance of each selected aspects. Although it can be ran without limitation, we suggest that this report be used on groups of locations that have similar demographics, location and type. In our our experience, comparing a store in the center of a large city, with a store located in a small town, may completely discourage the small town store.  The goal is to encourage each store to increase their performance or to compete with similar stores, so that the desired improvement be attainable.

    Who would normally use this report?
    This reports is used at the head office and by district/region manager.


    We will assume that you have picked the location and date that you want to include in the reports. 

    1. Select the Ranking by Location Report.
    2. There is a message stating that this is a limited Free Version unless you have a license;
    3. (optional) Input the title name of your choice
    4. Click on Business hours or Specific Hours and input them if selected;
    5. Select which interval to show in the report;
    6. Select at what level you would like to view the report;
    7. Select which days of the week will show in the report;
    8. Select which columns you want to include in the report;
    9. Select the desired option as required;
    10. Click Submit;
    11. Click Schedule if you wish to have it automated (See Report Scheduling for more details);


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