Mounting Bracket

counter mounting for complex ceilings

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    This article provides information about installation and usage of the SMS approved counter bracketing hardware available for purchase.

    Tools and Material Required

    How to assemble and mount the bracket

    1. Select an appropriate location for the ceiling plate. Typically where the cable will be run.*Note: Minimum 2 holes are required to secure the bracket.
    2. Mount and Secure the plate.  *Note: For a closed ceiling the cable hole would typically be in the middle of the plate
    3. Fasten Extension Pipe to Ceiling Plate (Optional) Can be mounted directly to Ceiling Plate without extension pipe.  Always verify scope of work or counter installation manual to determine at what height the device should be mounted for accurate counting.
    4. Connect and secure the extension pipe (Optional) Additional Extension Pipe may be used. MAX LOAD total of 3 pipes. Can be interconnected and Fastened. 
    5. Connect the Mounting Plate to the Extension Pipe

    6. Connect the counter to the mounting plate

    7. Route cable though the interior of the pipe and tie wrap any loose to the mounting plate.

    Installation Examples

    Open Deck Ceiling Type
    No Extension pole

    Complex off wall / out of scope ceiling - Made easy with Bracket 

    Bracket in Black for Incognito


    Q: What colors are the brackets available in?

    A: Black and White

    Q: What sizes do the brackets come in?

    A: 18'' (45cm) and 54'' (137cm)

    Q: Does the counter always require a bracket?

    A: It is not required when there is a ceiling available for the counter to be mounted on which is obstruction free and within the height limitations of the device. For more information refer to the following knowledge article:

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