Customer Preparation for the Calibration Appointment

Device Calibration prior self setup

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    The purpose of this article is to aid a customer who has purchased SMS calibration services with the prerequisite setup which is required to be performed PRIOR to the scheduled appointment.

    If the appointment hasn't been scheduled yet, please do so here: 

    Paying close attention to following steps will greatly aid in insuring you have a successful calibration session and can start counting right away in the SMS software application.

    In the event that the device setup and installation has been passed along to your IT Team, Installation Team or an outsourced partner / contact, it would be most beneficial to relay this information to them if they will be tasked with performing the following.

    T.M.A.S. Software Application Info

    The following information applies to the SMS Hosted SaaS solution or if you have the T.M.A.S. application installed on-premise.

    Accessing the T.M.A.S. Software

    Refer to this knowledge article about Login

    Creating the Location in T.M.A.S. where the Device is installed

    Refer to this knowledge article about Adding locations in T.M.A.S

    Traffic Counter Information by Type

    3DScope II - Information

    Connecting to the Calibration meeting at the time of the appointment


    Please note

    Please let us know if you're having issues, are experiencing delays to join the meeting.

    To ensure our best availability for the majority of our customers, our agents will wait for a maximum of 10 minutes prior to ending the meeting. Customer will have to reschedule then.

    Meeting information is found in the Calibration Appointment Confirmation E-mail

    • Application Download Click Here otherwise during the meeting you will be prompted to download and install.
    • How to join the meeting - Click Here
    • How to share your screen - Click Here
    • How to request mouse control - Click Here

    Troubleshooting - Known issue connecting with Safari on Mac

    *In the event that your organization IT security does not allow the Ring Central Meetings application, the SMS resource assigned to the calibration meeting will work with you to remotely connect through another means (Example: Team Viewer or your own approved screen sharing application). 

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