Finding network addresses for a traffic counter.

How to find the IP, Subnet and Gateway for traffic counter programming.

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    This process assumes that you have very little to no IT networking knowledge or an out sourced IT group as well as are unable to access your DHCP server or router.

    Use the following steps to verify your store network to determine the following.

    • Subnet of the local LAN network in the store
    • Gateway of the Local LAN network in the store
    • Which IP address to provide to a traffic counter which will not conflict with other devices on the network

    Step 1. Determine the Subnet and Gateway

    Process: From a computer in the store perform the steps indicated in this link dependent on the OS of the computer -

    This will provide the Subnet (Example and Gateway (Example - *Usually ends in 1 or 254 – X.Y.Z.1 or X.Y.Z.254) of the locations network.

    *Important* Disconnect any VPN or Cloud connection software which may be enable to obtain the correct information. Example: Cisco AnyConnect Client, Forticlient...ect

    Step 2. Scan for network IP that are already in use by other equipment in your location.

    Install and use this application from the computer used in the 1st step to scan the store network to determine which devices already have what IP address.

    Typically we want an unused IP address for the counter. Typical IP range for a subnet of is X.Y.Z.2-253.

    Step 3. Determine what IP address to use for a traffic counter

    IP Address: Step 2 provides what is in use, the example above shows 3 computers on the network

    • Barney - IP address
    • Pumba -
    • John -

    The range shows to  therefore Everything between 2-253 except - 104, 105 and 106 is available.  In attempt to make a standard, SMS recommends .50 or .100.  

    So in the case of the example, the 1st traffic counter could be on and a 2nd on

    Subnet: Determined by Step 1

    Gateway: Determined by Step 1

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