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    Customers who have reservations about the accuracy of their traffic counters may request for SMS to audit the counter.  Please bear in mind that SMS has strict policies about traffic counter audits and certain service fees may be associated to the work in the event that the traffic counter calibration is beyond the warranty period.

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    SMS Audit Policy Terms & Conditions


    Priority Service contract customers (Pre-paid)

    Audits are included in the Service Agreement

    • 5.11     To perform the Audits and to investigate Accuracy Issues within the timeframe specified, the Corporation shall ensure that the Hardware can be configured to upload video recordings automatically and directly to our FTP or SFTP server. Should that be impossible the following options are acceptable:
      • 5.11.1  The customer can set up an FTP or SFTP server within his network and forward the files to our FTP or SFTP server.
      • 5.11.2  The Corporation can manually download the video files and upload them to our FTP or SFTP server.
      • 5.11.3  As a last resort, the Provider can perform a counting test with the help of the store personal simulating entries and exits at different points and confirm to the Corporation if the system is functioning Accurately or within its specification.
    • 5.12     Video recordings for an Audit and Accuracy issue are usually 30 minutes in length. In some cases, the Provider may choose to schedule the recording at a later time, or to extend the video recording period, to guarantee enough store traffic. The Provider will also perform another recording should the initial one fails to provide enough counts for validation.
    • 5.13     Audit and Accuracy Resolution timer are put on-hold in the cases where the videos are not uploaded automatically as per option 5.11.1.

    Audits are NOT included in the Service Agreement

    Refer to the following section for (Pay On-Demand) or (Self Help)

    Non Priority Service contract customers (Pay On-Demand) 

    (Customers who are not paying an additional priority service premium in Monthly / Yearly T.M.A.S. subscription.)


    Audit your own device by viewing / recording the live feed of the camera and reviewing afterward.  

    The related articles will show the process to Audit 3DScope 1st gen and 2nd Gen cams. can be communicated with by e-mail for to correct settings if ever a discrepancy is found.

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