T.M.A.S. - Lightspeed P.O.S. Integration

P.O.S. Integration

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    This article describes the process to setup an API integration with Lightspeed POS (Cloud Edition Only) with the purpose of downloading Sales, Transactions, Items and Staff data into T.M.A.S. for the purpose of populating reports and the dashboard.


    • Retail subscription for T.M.A.S.
    • Lightspeed account which will be able authorize T.M.A.S. integration will require the following access
      • Employee: register
      • Employee: admin_employees

    Setting up the Integration

    1. Login to T.M.A.S.
    2. Update the T.M.A.S. location ID to match the shop ID number padded with zeros.
      1. Select your store in the location selector
      2. Expand Administration
      3. Select Manage Locations
      4. Update the location ID to match the Shop ID, padded with Zeros. Example (for Shop_id=1, indicate a location ID = 0001)
      5. Delete


        If you have more than 1 location, you will need to login to Lightspeed, click on a location and verify the shop ID which flashes in the URL at the top of the browser.  Check out the video above for more info on this.

      6. Save
    3. Select you Chain / Business name location (Top Level of location tree)
    4. Click on the Administration tab and select "POS INTEGRATION"
    5. Select "Lightspeed" in the list of available integrations
    6. Complete General Information
      • Label = Sales & Transactions
      • Import Type = POS API
      • POS Vendor = Lightspeed
    7. Press Login to Lightspeed to provide permission to T.M.A.S. to retrieve the data.
    8. Input the username and password of your Lightspeed account to authorize access for T.M.A.S. (User must be a lightspeed admin or account owner to authorize TMAS)
    9. Click Sign In
    10. Click Authorize Application
    11. Close the authorization windowNote


      If you see "Login Failed" and your Lightspeed credentials work on their website, you must logout of T.M.A.S., log back in, and then repeat the above steps. 

    12. Wait for T.M.A.S. to state Authenticated
    13. Click Next 
    14. Set the Schedule :
      PEARL – must select hourly (because PEARL devices report every hour) 
      3D Scope – 15 mins (because 3D scope Cameras report every 15 mins) 
    15. Select Finish
    16. Refresh TMAS from the top right options found under the user account.
    17. LightSpeed should now display ALREADY RUNNING - Next since this is the 1st time setup we can proceed to run the sync on demand.
    18. Expand Administration
    19. Select Manage locations
    20. Select Import / Export / POS Integrations. Lightspeed should now be a row displayed under import.
    21. Click RUN NOW (the Orange Cloud Icon) to start the import / sync on demand - A Green banner will be displayed indicating that the import was successful.
    22. Verify the dashboard and/or generate a Totaling or Data Export report to verify the import.
    23. Delete


      Sales, Transactions, Items and staff should now flow into T.M.A.S. The dashboard and reports should be populated within the hour as T.M.A.S. will be downloading data for a few days back.

     NOTE: If the following prompt appears, click on "yes"


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