TMAS - Setting your business hours

How to

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    This article will cover the basic information on how to set your business hour

    Steps to set your business hours

    1. Login to TMAS
    2. Select the store you want to set the business hours
      • Selecting a store location will only apply that store.  Selecting a chain or region will apply the business hours to all that are under (unless they already have defined hours).
    3. Click Manage 
    4. Select Business Hours
    5. Click Add
    6. Input a Label
    7. Select a Start Date
    8. Select a End Date Leave Blank if there's no end date
    9. Click Next
    10. Check off which days are opened
    11. Select the store hours If the store is opened overnight check off Next Day
    12. Click Add
    13. Repeat for all the stores

    *Take note that business hours modifications will only be applied the following day.

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