How to count children with PEARL (beta)

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    The purpose of this article is to guide customer that wants to install the PEARLs People Counter to count children AND adults. 

    Installation process to count Children

    The only change is that to capture children the PEARLs are installed at 24 inches from the ground vs our recommended 54 inches to capture adult counts only.

    Should you notice some double counts by adults, please reach out to us via email at and provide and picture(s) of the entrance with a view of the PEARLs. 

    The PEARL has some parameters that can be changed by our technical experts to adjust the PEARL. An agent will review your location and will report back via our help desk.

    Your feedback is welcome! This feature is still in beta, once enough customer feedback has been collected we will add the installation instructions for this option directly in the App.

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