PEARL - SAAS Communication

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    The purpose of this article is to explain how the PEARL communicates with our SAAS. For most customers, unless you customized your router/firewall rule to block outgoing and incoming traffic you should not have an issue.

    Outbound communication

    The PEARL pushes outbound on URL: on port 443.

    Inbound communication

    The PEARL receives its communication from URL: on port 443.

    Testing outbound communication

    If the PEARL is not able to communicate with our server you can proceed with this simple test to rule out a portion of the network as an issue

    Input the following URL in a pc browser that is on the same network as the PEARL device:

     If there are no issues with the firewall/router you should receive the following page. 

    If you don't receive the above web page that confirms communication, you would need to resolve this issue with your network team.

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