Warning - PEARL Sensors - are Blocked!

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    Your Traffic Counter's beam is obstructed and cannot count accurately.

    Model: Pearl People Counter

    This is typically caused by an object interfering with the beams, such as the following.

    Possible obstructing objects

    • Signage may be obstructing the beam
    • Plants, Furniture or displays may be obstructing the beam
    • A new store design or shelving may now be obstructing the beam

    Possible technical issues related the sensor installation

    • Beam may be out of alignment
    • The Beam may have become unmounted from the wall/structure or bracket
    • A door handle or hinge may be obstructing the beam
    • glass may be obstructing the beam
    • one side of the beam sensor may no longer be powered


    1. Remove object blocking beam path to adjacent sensor. 
      • Info

        The Pearl counter checks for blockage every 30 seconds.  Therefore after removing a blocking obstruction, you will need to wait about 1 min for the event to clear.
      • Error still appearing

        If the above does not resolve the issue, then proceed in attempt to reset the Secondary Sensor ONLY.

    2. Reset the Secondary Sensor
    3. Change the batteries 
      • No Light?

        If no light after attempting a reset, then you would need to change the batteries in the sensor.

    4. If all the above fails, please contact techsupport@storetraffic.com, for faster service use the support chat found on the help page or within the T.M.A.S. application.

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