Upcoming changes to T.M.A.S. Hosted SaaS Infrastructure

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    This article is meant to advise SMS customer who are currently using T.M.A.S. on our hosted SaaS that due to certain infrastructural changes will result in the following public IP address changes

    Please be sure to update your firewall / security team with these changes by April 24th, 2020 if you are filtering by public IP and not DNS name. 

    Service DNS Name New Public IP
    (Starts April 24th, 2020)
    Former Public IP 
    (Ends August 31st, 2020)
    T.M.A.S. Web Portal, PEARL traffic push www.smssoftware.net
    Retail Genie Web Portal www.retail-genie.com
    STC and 3DScope Traffic Polling polling.smssoftware.net
    3D Scope I & II, Irisys and Brickstream Traffic PUSH push.smssoftware.net
    2D Easy (Optex) altpush.smssoftware.net

    Device verification

    To insure that devices were setup with the DNS name of the services instead of the public IP address refer to the following links depending on the device type.

    PEARL - No action required as this is correctly set by the SMS app

    3DScope II https://help.storetraffic.com/3dscope-ii/3d-scope-ii-communication-with-tmas

    3DScope (1st Gen)https://help.storetraffic.com/eqpinv/assign-a-3dscope-in-push-mode#section-2

    2D Easy (Optex)https://help.storetraffic.com/2d-easy/2d-easy-info#section-4


    Brickstream https://help.storetraffic.com/eqpinv/how-to-setup-a-bricksteam-in-tmas


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