Group Management

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    New to T.M.A.S. in 2018, you now have the option to create groups for selected locations. This will enable managers to gather and manage information more effectively by grouping locations and users together based on your own needs.

    For example, you could create a group name top 10 and then add your 10 best performing locations. Or you create groups based on your preferences.

    Creating a New Group

    1. Clicking the + sign will bring up the group selection window
    2. Clicking the drop-down box, you can select an existing group to be add to this new group
    3. Input your desired group name
    4. Clicking the add authorized users will allow you to add the selected users to that group
    5. You can input your location name or ID that you wish to include in the group or select them based on the tree view
    6. You can click the refresh or apply icon to confirm your selection and apply them to the new group

    Editing an Existing Group

    1. Click the arrow on the drop down box in order to view the existing groups
    2. Click on the desired group that you want to edit
    3. Click the green pen logo in order to bring up the editing window
    4. Click Import data from existing group if you wish to add existing group to the selected one
    5. Input the new desired name for the select group or leave it as is if you wish to keep it the same
    6. Click ''add authorized users'' if you want to add user to the group
    7. Input, select or deselect the Store, Chain or Region that you want to include or exclude from the current group
    8. Click Refresh, Apply or Delete to confirm the changes or to delete the current group

    Using a Group for Reports

    NEW to T.M.A.S. in 2018, the Groups feature is used to make a customized group of store locations which are part of different Regions, District and even Chains. It is custom to the user who created the group, however can be shared with other users provided they have privileges to view the locations data.

    1. Click the drop-down menu in order to select the desired group for the report
    2. Click the calendar if you want to select different date for the reports

    Using a Scoped Group for Reports

    Scoped groups are used in conjunction with the Location Tree in order to filter in more details in your reports.

    For example, say you have store, 1,2,3 in region A, store 4,5,6 in region B and 7,8 in region C. You previously created a group called '3 best performing Stores' which included 1,4 and 8.

    You could then request a report listing for Region B that includes the scoped group 3 best and you get a view for 4 stores in region B.

    1. Click on the drop-down and select the desired group
    2. Click on the scope group (when enable it should turn green)
    3. Click on the location icon
    4. Input or select the desired Chain, Region or Store that you wish to have filtered

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