T.M.A.S. Release Notes - August 16th 2022

T.M.A.S. v1.11.6

Table of Contents

            Please Note: that T.M.A.S. application has been updated on August 16th 2022

    What's New

    Occupancy Log - New MIN MAX AVG Data Columns
    Additional Data Info has been added to the report


    Import Transaction Logs

    Importing of row data from a transactional database is now possible.


    Data Export Report
    Report generation speed for long date ranges and many locations.
    POS Integration
    If not available for setup on a single location  There is a pop-up message to advise.
    Manage Locations
    Business type now used for contextual language of store vs location.
    Added additional - Help Wiki Links
    More quick help sections / icons added to various features in T.M.A.S. .

    Shopify - T.M.A.S. App Publication

    Due to recent changes in partner APP terms and conditions, T.M.A.S. integration with Shopify POS application is changing. The integration will need to be initiated from the Shopify End.


    Edit Data - Unable to input items column missing FIXED - Items column restored and can be updated
    Pearl Battery Low Alert- Inconsistent e-mail alerts FIXED - E-mail alerts now consistent to TMAS event detection
    Dashboard Weather Icons - Missing FIXED - proper icons will now appear
    Dashboard Capture % - Miscalculation FIXED - Capture % now calculates for ALL devices which are set to pass by mode where prior it was just calculating for 1 device
    Shopify - POS Discrepancies FIXED - Import now considers refunds/exchanges going back further than 60 days
    Weather Data - Discrepancies for around midnight FIXED - Improved logic to import weather for midnight
    Azure Integration - Login Error FIXED - Microsoft login now working
    Unable to remove report preferences FIXED - Report preferences which contained a special character can now be removed
    Business Schedules - Not compatible with Pearl locations FIXED - Business schedules no longer influence PEARL operation
    Square - Locations with no sales due to closure or renovation causing data polling lag FIXED - Square integration now considers location status
    SMS Smart App - Profile phone number is not readable FIXED - Now readable


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