T.M.A.S. Release Preview - April 2019

T.M.A.S. v1.10

Table of Contents

    T.M.A.S. Update Version 1.10

    Please Note that T.M.A.S. application is scheduled to be updated on April 9th 2019.

    SMS is rolling out new features and integrations with the following goals in mind.

    • Control user access to T.M.A.S. directly from Microsoft Azure¬†
    • Provide the ability to Manage subscriptions and payment methods
    • Grant customer access to billing information
    • Help and Support access greatly improved
    • Create and schedule traffic data file export for internal/3rd party reporting software
    • Web API enhancements

    Great News !

    Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration
    Admins are able to setup an integration with their MS Azure cloud service and allow an MS account to login.
    Manage Subscriptions Directly from T.M.A.S.
    Users can now increase / decease location allotments without needing to contact sales.
    Download Software Invoices directly.
    Manage Payment Methods
    Get Help about the Function you're currently on!
    Integrated Support Chat
    Configure and Schedule Traffic Exports

    Improvements Made

    Security Enhancements Attention Developers ! - Now Call Custom Groups with Web API
    User accounts will now be disabled after 5 incorrect login attempts
    An enhancement to the Web API feature will allow developers to target specific custom groups of locations created by users.
    Updated Alerts
    Users will now be able to receive an alert for a failed login attempt on their FTP accounts.

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