TMS Enterprise - Serial Key Information

Obtaining and updating the serial key

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    This article is to provide's the user information about how to verify, change, renew the serial key of the TMS Enterprise On-Premise application.  A new permanent serial key is provided by SMS yearly in the month of December by e-mail from  

    Please contact in the event you have not received an e-mail with a software license key. 

    Can be found at the following location after login to the application:

    Administration > Polling Settings > Serial Key Information

    Serial Key Information

    • Key: Displays current key loaded into application
    • Valid: Advises if current key is Valid = Yes or Expired = No
    • Expires: Date of key expiration MM/DD/YYYY format
    • Software ID: ID required by SMS support in-order to generate a new software license in the event they do not have on file.
    • Change Key: Link redirects to key updating window.

    Changing the Serial Key

    If the software license key is already expired, then you can select change key form the bottom of the login page.  Other follow the process below if the key has not yet expired.

    1. Select Administration
    2. Select Polling Settings
    3. Click Change Key in the Serial Key Information box.
    4. Input NEW KEY - provided by SMS
    5. Click Save 
    6. Confirm Key was successfully updated and reflects new expiration date advised by SMS 

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