Push Traffic from sensors using HTTPS port 443 and SOAP Protocol to TMS Server On-Premise

How it works

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    • Traffic Counter must be programmed and connected to the network that is or can be bridged to the TMS Application server.
      • Store Network may be bridged the following ways.
        • VPN from Store to TMS application server
        • VLAN from Store to TMS application server
        • NAT and/or port forwarding to TMS application server
    • Traffic counter must be programmed with the proper IP/Hostname of the TMS application server and/or DNS servers
    • TMS application server must be able to accept incoming connections from traffic counters on port 80 or 443.

    The network configuration is not support by SMS, Please reach out to your IT Network team or local tech contact / 3rd party to set this up.

    Device Communication Explained.

    • The traffic counter communicates from the store location where it is installed to the TMS application installed either on-premise. The communication is outgoing from the store network using SOAP protocol on either HTTP (Port 80) or HTTPS (Port 443).
    • The traffic counter will be set to push traffic counts every 15mins through a SOAP protocol to the IIS installed on the Web App machine hosting the TMS Traffic application.
    • The TMS application server will verify incoming communications and make sure it comes from a valid/supported product series. From there, it will either drop the communication if unsupported or publish it on an installable list to be double checked by IT staff (Unassigned List viewable from inside the TMS application)
      • if it cannot find any corresponding devices in the database – No Counts are written
      • If a corresponding assigned device is found in the database it will write the counts to the appropriate locations.
    • To set up the Soap IIS Service in HTTPS is no different than setting any other website in IIS.
      • First a certificate is needed.
        • This can be obtained by a Certificate Authority
        • Self signed (By SMS Customer)
        • SMS can assist in providing a self signed certificate if you don’t have other procedure in place for certification.
      • Once a certificate is obtained, it needs to be imported in windows server via the MMC, and then be bound to IIS.

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