TMS Enterprise On-Premise SQL FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on SQL Compatibility

Table of Contents

    1. Q: Will your database(s) work with Windows Server 2012 R2? A: (SMS) YES
    2. Q: Which version of SQL will your database(s) work with, SQL 2012, 2014 or 2016? A: (SMS) SQL 2012
    3. Q: It's required to have SQL Edition downgraded to Standard per company's policy unless your application(s) need to use some features that are available only to Enterprise Edition. If this is the case, please specify what features of Enterprise Edition your application(s) need to use. I'll then ask management to review and approve your business case(s). A: (SMS) SQL Standard is fine. There are added benefits for SQL Enterprise
    4. Q: It's also required to demote SA privilege per SOX and Audit requirements. If your application(s) requires SA privileges (I know Scott already stated SA privileges are required for TMSE), please specify what SQL features or functions you need to perform with SA privilege. We'll then review the requirements and grant the appropriate permissions (not SA privileges) required to perform those specific SQL features or functions. A: (SMS)We require SA only at the initial installation process of a fresh application as there is a stored procedure that needs to be placed on the Master DB.  After that the TMS E user is DBO on the TMS DB.
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