3DScope II - Camera is blinded

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    Your Traffic Counter's view is obstructed and cannot count accurately.

    Model: 3DScope II

    MAC Address: 00:0B:91:80:XX:YY or 00:0B:91:90:XX:YY

    This is typically caused by an object interfering with the cameras view of the entrance, such as the following.

    Possible obstructing objects

    • Cover has become unhinged
    • Signage may be obstructing the view
    • Lighting may be obstructing the view
    • Exit sign may be obstructing the view
    • The Camera Lens may be overly saturated with dust or debris from a recent renovation / construction
    • A new store design or shelving may now be obstructing the view
    • There is TOO MUCH light for the camera to function properly
    • There is NOT ENOUGH light for the camera to function properly

    Please follow this knowledge article to verify the device view to aide with removing the obstruction to the counter view.

    Verify the camera view

    1. Obtain the IP address of the Device from T.M.A.S. Equipment Inventory
    2. Open Internet Explorer and login to the traffic counter from a PC on the network.
    3. Verify the OSD Status on the overview page which indicates if there is currently an obstruction as well as will indicate an OK status once the obstruction is removed. Click HOME and PLAY to view the live stream once logged in. The device checks its visible range permanently. 

    The status of this optical self diagnosis (OSD) is shown in the user interface. 

    • OK - Normal state.
    • Covered - One or both cameras covered, e.g. by a sticker.
    • Too dark - Illumination is too low for proper function or both cameras are completely covered and show a black image. 
    • Too bright - This is more hypothetical, because direct sunlight and reflections from sunlight would not cause a 'too bright' error. 

    The device does not stop counting in case of an error. The OSD status could help in troubleshooting issues

    • Consult your network specialist in the event you are unable to access the traffic counter on the network
    • If you do not know the default user name and password for the traffic counter, e-mail techsupport@storetraffic.com

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