3DScope II - Ghost counts outside business hours

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    This article will help you reduce counts outside business hours

    What is the cause of outside business hours counts?

    The counts are caused by something we call ghosting.

    When you set a video recording of the device you will see a lot of dots moving around. This is what is causing the counts.

    This usually happen if there's low lighting in the environment or if the camera angle is close to 45° 

    What to do?

    To reduce the counts outside business hours you need to update your 3D Scope-II to version 1.15 or above.

    You will find the current version of your device in the bottom right of the browser session access window

    You can find the firmware upgrade here : https://help.storetraffic.com/3dscope-ii/3dii-firmware-update#section-3 

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