Exporting a traffic file from T.M.A.S.

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    Why is it useful?

    T.M.A.S. provides the ability to easily configure a flat file for traffic and schedule an export to an SMS supplied FTP site or your own custom FTP site.  Thus enabling your to integrate traffic into other BI applications

    • Upload traffic data to another application, reporting system or data warehouse.
    • Automate and schedule uploads at regular intervals as new data is being collected.
    • Easily integrate traffic data with different systems.
    • Use SMS supplied FTP site or your very own for uploading.
    • Receive the export by e-mail.

    Examples of applications that import traffic files from T.M.A.S.


    Export sample files

    Export Type

    *Custom exports available on demand and subject to additional fees which will be quoted.

    Columns Layout

    *Check T.M.A.S. for other format availability.

    File Example by interval

    *30min and daily also available, click interval to download below.


    Store ID, Label, Date (YYYY-MM-DD), Hour (HH:MM:SS.SSS), Traffic

    15 min

    1 Hour


    Date (MM-DD-YYYY), Day or Week (Monday-Sunday), Hour (HH:MM), Store ID, Device Label, Sensor Label, Traffic

    15 min

    1 hour

    How to create an export

    Administration > Manage Locations > Import / Export Data > Add
    1. Login to T.M.A.S. (requires access to Administration section)
    2. Expand Administration
    3. Click Manage Locations
    4. Click Import/Export Data
    5. Click Add under Exports
    General Information

    6. Complete General Information
    Configuration of the Traffic File

    1. Label: provide name to job
    2. Export Type: select Traffic_Daily of Sensor_Traffic
    3. Format: Select CSV (Only option currently)
    4. Status: Check to activate job, uncheck to disable
    5. Destination: FTP or E-mail 
      • If e-mail selected input e-mail address for send destination.
    6. File Name/Mask: Name file and add date is needed Code: {yyyy_MM_dd}
    7. Windows Style New Line [CR-LF] Active: Check to activate if you require a CR to be added for each new row in the CSV.

    7. Click Next


    8. Set a Schedule
    Determines when FTP upload or E-mail send occurs.

    1. Trigger: Daily or Hourly based on your needs.  
    2. Hour to start export: Hourly will occur at that time each hour.

    9. Click Next


    10. Configure Settings
    Only appears if Destination Type FTP selected in general settings.  These settings determine where file will be uploaded.

    1. FTP:  Use Default or Custom
    2. StoreTrafficFTP: Select User from dropdown.
    3. Email: Used to input e-mail for creating new FTP account.
    4. FTP Address: Directory the export file will be uploaded too. Default /exports on SMS FTP
    5. Path pattern and Path simulation: (Optional) use if export should be organized into folders based on upload period.
    6. Check off - Notification when file is uploaded - To receive an e-mail when the export file is uploaded.
    FTP Using default vs custom

    FTP account creation

    Portal: https://files.smssoftware.net 

    URL: files.smssoftware.net

    User: E-mail address used for account creation

    Password: E-mailed from NOREPLY@smssoftware.net at account creation.



    1. Bullet Use Default - For SMS Provided FTP site
    2. Indicate an Existing FTP User or create a NEW FTP user for the SMS FTP Site
      • To "Create new Brick FTP Account" do the following
        1. Click the link to Create new BrickFTP Account
        2. Input the e-mail address you want associated to the account
        3. Click Add
    3. Verify / Update - FTP address path points to the Import folder or root by default.  (Optional) check off change default path and indicate a new path if other folders were created in the SMS FTP site. Note* This process will not create folders on the FTP, you would need to login separately to create these.
    4. Click Next

    Contact SMS Techsupport

    Customers which are looking to use their own custom FTP to upload and download traffic exports files must contact techsupport@storetraffic.com to request whitelisting of the FTP URL for security purposes prior to proceeding with the following steps.

    *If a custom port is also required as the standards are not in use or blocked, then additional fees may apply.




    1. Bullet Custom for FTP
    2. Input the URL of the FTP address
    3. Indicate a port (Common ports are FTP=21, FTP/SSL(aka FTPS)=21 or 990, SFTP=22)
    4. Input username
    5. Input password
    6. Indicate file path
    7. Click Next
    Columns Information
    1. Indicate Columns Information
      • Traffic Interval to be displayed - determines traffic grouping for locations 
        • 15 Minutes (Note* - Requires counter interval to be 15min)
        • 30 Minutes (Note* - Requires counter interval to be 30min or less)
        • 1 hour
        • Daily
      • Columns Layout (Selections vary depending on Traffic interval selected)
        • 15min, 30min or 1 hour output selections are as follows
        • Daily output selections
      • Check business hours if you would like export to only contain business hours currently configured in T.M.A.S.
    2. Click Save
    3. Test the export by clicking on the Run on demand icon, then login to the FTP and verify that the file has been received.  (Note* could take a couple minutes for generation depending on the number of locations in the export)


    If set to active prior to saving - A connection test will be performed at the end of the 'add export' setup wizard - if the connection test fails, an error message will be displayed, and the export job will NOT be saved.  Set job as inactive to bypass the connection test and save settings.


    How to Edit, Delete or Run an export on demand

    1. Check off the export line - additional options will appear.
    2. Click the button which responds to the what you would like to do
      • Edit will open the previously configured Export and allow changes to be made and saved such as change the scheduled timing
      • Delete will remove the export job after responding Yes to the confirmation window
      • Run Now - will launch the export job prior to the next scheduled run time. Once clicked, a confirmation message will be shown to indicate it has been run successfully.  Allow a couple minutes after clicking the run now for the export to be generated and uploaded to the FTP site.

    Other ways of exporting traffic data

    SMS can customize exports which will only be configured upon request basis to Techsupport@storetraffic.com
    Additional fees may apply based on the complexity of the request charged at an hourly quoted rate.


    Q: Can sales and transactions be exported too?

    A: This export function is for traffic only, to generate a report in an Excel format for sales, transactions, staff,that and traffic data; use the data export report.  Click here for more info

    Q: How can I export more than a day of data?

    A: The default stock export returns yesterday’s data exclusively. 

    To get more data, you can:

    • Schedule a report – many offered like the Data Export Report
    • Use of our WebAPI – allows for way more flexibility
    • Request for a customization of your current export
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