Data Export Report

The best report for in-depth analysis. An Excel "playground"

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    The Data Export report allows you to extract a report (PDF or Excel) file containing your data for the given Location, Date, Time. This is very useful if you like to manipulate the data in an Excel spreadsheet.

    How is it Useful?

    In Excel, the format allows easy filtering of data and the ability to make pivot tables for in-depth analysis.

    Who would normally use this report? 

    Anyone who likes to do their own analysis in an Excel file.


    We will assume that we have picked the location and date we want include in the report.

    1. Select Data Export.
    2. Input the title name of your choices.
    3. Click on Business hours or Specific Hours;
    4. If you selected Specific Hours, Input the desired value;
    5. Click on the dropdown menu and select the interval on which you require the report
    6. Select at what level you want the report
    7. Select the required days
    8. Select which option you want inside the report
    9. Select the option you want with the export
    10. Click on submit to generate the Data Export
    11. Click on Schedule if you want to make this a recurring task


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