T.M.A.S. - Creating Short URL for API

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    The purpose of this article is to help customers create short link for our WebAPI and the Occupancy Screenlet (showing occupancy on an independent screen). Please note that this is just an example and SMS doesn't support this directly.


    - Bitly account (or similar solution)

    - T.M.A.S. WebAPI link

    Prior to the below steps, you will need to first create yourself a Bitly account. The examples below where created with the free account.

    1. Login to your bitly.com account
    2. Click Create

    3. Paste your WebAPI 
    4. Click Create

    5. Click Save

    You are now done, you know have the created short link available on your Bitly Dashboard. You can copy the short link and use these to replace the long WebAPI calls.

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