Pearl - How to configure from a PC

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    This article will show you how to configure the Pearl from a PC if you're having an issue to complete the process using free iOS or Android app.


    1. Put the Main unit in setup mode.
    2. Connect to the storetraffic_pearl WiFi on your PC. 
    3. Password is jr7DazG[*\D;nB,)
    4. Open a web browser
    5. Type to access the Pearl
    6. Go under WiFi
    7. Input and confirm the Server Address is :
    8. Input your WiFi name and password
    9. Click Save
    10. Contact SMS via chat to add the device to your location Click here to start a chat

    If the Pearl is not able to communicate with our server you can proceed with this simple test to rule out a portion of the network as an issue

    11. Input the following url in a pc browser that is on the same network as the Pearl device:

    12. If there is no issues with the firewall/router you should receive the following page. 

    If you don't you would need to resolve this issue with your network team.

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