Pearl - Connecting to a smart phone hotspot

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    The purpose of this article is to help you connect the Pearl unit to a smart phone hotspot to either offer a temporary connection or to help customers rule out issues with the pearl wifi capabalities when issues with the store/location wifi is been experienced. 

    **Note that depending on your smart phone provider you might have addtional fees for the data usage.


    • Smart Phone
    • Laptop or PC with with a wireless network card

    Androide Tethering Guide

    1. Navigate to your Setting

    2. Press Connections

    3. Press Mobile Hotspot and Tethering
    1. Edit or take note of your phone SSID
    2. Edit or take note of your password
    3. Make sure that your Band is 2.4GHz
    4. Enable the Mobile Hotspot

    Your Phone configuration is now completed. 

    Connecting the Pearl to the smart phone

    4. Put the Main unit in setup mode.

    5. Connect to the storetraffic_pearl WiFi on your PC. 

    6. Password is jr7DazG[*\D;nB,)

    7. Open a web browser

    8. Type to access the Pearl

    Go under WiFi

    1. Input and confirm the Server Address is :
    2. Input your WiFi name and password take from the step# 3
    3. Click Save

    You should now have the Pearl unit communicating with the smartapp or T.M.A.S. platform.

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