PEARL - How to update Wi-Fi settings

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    The purpose of this article is to help guide you on how to change the WiFi settings on your PEARL Device

    Smart App: PEARL WiFi Update Procedure

    Video - How to Here

    1) Press the setting icon next to the desired location

    2) Press the Location's device(s) List Icon

    3) Press the setting icon next to the PEARL device that is not communicating
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    4) Press the Change WiFi Icon

    Next: Follow the step by step Wi-Fi configuration steps
    *Note that in the app, the steps start at 8 since the unit is already configured

    5) Set the PEARL in Setup Mode

    6) Press "Next"

    7) On the next screen, we just need to wait for the unit to bring up its Wi-Fi signal

    8) Input your SSID (name of your Wi-Fi network) 

    9) Input the WiFi Password
    10) Press on Link to network

    11) Next let the application run
    12) Near the end of the progress, you'll have a popup with the device Mac Address. Please write the MAC address down.

    13) Press on "Got it"

    14) Once completed, the app will return to the Device(s) List page

    The unit should start reporting at its next interval, which should be at the next hour.

    If you are experiencing issues with the Smart App, Please try our backup procedure: Pearl - How to configure from a PC


    What if the PEARL does not connect to my Wi-Fi?
    1) Verify if the Wi-Fi credentials were correctly entered
    2) Verify if your smart phone can successfully connect to the same Wi-Fi network and ensure that there are either 3 bars or more on the phone's Wi-Fi indicator icon (or if you have a Wi-Fi scanner -79dbm or less)

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