PEARL - Device is offline

T.M.A.S. Alerts

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    The purpose of this article is to help resolve the device is offline issue and to get the unit reporting again.

    If you have reached this page, you most likely received a  T.M.A.S. email alert that resemble the following

    This would mean that your unit has not communicated with T.M.A.S. in some time and would require your attention!

    Pearl Devices, 

    In most cases the WiFi settings would need to be updated, we have the following article to help you resolve this: PEARL - How to update WiFi settings .

    If you are having issue with the Smart App please use the following  workaround via pc: Pearl - How to configure from a PC

    For any persisting issues with the Smart App or configuration try a Factory reset and reconfiguration: Pearl - Factory Reset

    Where to Seek additional support

    In the event the above has not been able to resolve your issue, verify that there are no network constraints which would allow the device to communicate with your network administrators.  Once that has been verified e-mail for additional support.

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