4 Graphs

Retailers - Compare up to four (4) variables in a printable format

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    The 4 Graphs generate four (4) independent graphics, one for each selected variable, in a PDF document that can be printed

    How is it Useful?

    The fact that the four (4) graphics are independent maximize clarity when comparing more than 2 variables over a given period. This allows to understand the trend of every selected variable with a glimpse.

    Who would normally use this report?

    Retail users


    We assume that you have picked the location and date that you want to include in the reports. 

    1. Select the 4 Graphs Report.
    2. Input the title name of your choice, this is optional;
    3. Click on Business hours or Specific Hours;
    4. If you selected Specific Hours, Input the desired value;
    5. Select the Graph Type (Line, Bar or Area);
    6. Select the “Defined by” and select the 4 options to include;
    7. Select the desired interval;
    8. Click Submit;
    9. Click Schedule if you wish to have it automated (See Report Scheduling for more details);


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