How to create report presets

Learn how to quickly design and save report settings to quickly generate the reports you need routinely.

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    T.M.A.S. has the ability to save report setting preferences which can be quickly accessed and loaded for report generation.

    Creating Report Presets

    1. Select generate report for the desired report from the interface
    2. Input a title for the report preset which would remind you of the settings selected
    3. Set any desired settings for the report
    4. Check off save report preference
    5. Click submit
    6. There will now be a cloud icon indicating the report has configured presets that can be loaded.
    7. To Run the preset select a location and date range then hover over the cloud icon and click the preset to load the report. 
    8. The report should now be generated with the preset.

    Editing or Removing Report presets

    To edit or remove a report preset navigate to the report tile and hover over the cloud icon which indicates that there is a saved preset.

    Then click either the edit icon or delete icon to modify or remove the preset.


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