Periods of Interest

Calendar format for measuring traffic and occupancy for very specific periods of the week (courses, events, etc...)

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    This report is used to measure occupancy while taking into consideration people who may arrive minutes before or after this block of time.  It provides the MIN/MAX as well as average occupancy for blocks of time in a weekly report in a schedule format.  This versatile report can also be used to filter traffic of time blocks throughout the day.



    For Min, Max and Average occupancy to be accurate data points, the unit(s) must be communicating in Real-Time, what is only possible with Real-Time subscriptions. Please contact to learn more about this option for you.

    How is it Useful?

    Displays occupancy and traffic values as per the configured business schedules for a location.

    Report Example

    Who would normally use this report?

    • Measure how many people occupied the location for a specific time, the Sunday mass as an example.
    Fitness Centers
    • Determine how many members showed up to a specific course, the Yoga class as an example.
    • Examine how many people took specific tours at which time.
    • Find Out how many people attended the special activity or event in the auditorium as an example.
    Educational Institutions 
    • Gain the knowledge of how many people showed up for class and stayed through-out the lecture.
    Business Conferences
    • Know how many people attended and stayed until the end of a lecture.

    Accessing the Periods of Interest Report

    • This report is ONLY available if Business Schedules have been configured, scroll down to the configure the business schedules section for more information. 
    • Also this report can ONLY be run on a single location at a time, verify location selection.

    Configuring Business Schedules

    1. Select Manage
    2. Select Business Hours 
    3. Click Add under the Business Schedule List
    4. Input Responsible Name for this schedule (Example: Name of Instructor or Name of Event)
    5. Input Room Label
    6. Select Starting Date
    7. (Optional) Select Ending Date if applicable, leave blank if NO END DATE
    8. Click Next
    9. Indicate the From and To time of the Event
    10. Input the Start counting minutes before or End counting minutes after.
    11. Checkoff the Days of the week that this Event occurs in the exact same time
    12. (optional) Select Add Line if this Event occurs in different time block, then repeat steps 6-11 for the new line
    13. Click Add to save configuration

    Business Schedule will now appear as follows

    Steps to run a Period of Interest Report

    1. Select Analytics
    2. Select Reports 
    3. Click the Play Icon on the Period of Interest report to generate the report 
    4. (Optional) Input a title for the report
    5. Bullet business hours or specify specific hours
    6. Select desired weekdays to display
    7. Click Submit 

    *Note - This report can be scheduled - Refer to the scheduling a report help article about how to successfully schedule reports.

    Interacting with the Report

    Expand each period block to have a closer look at the traffic / occupancy data.

    Change Theme in options for easier reading at night

    Export the report to PDF - from within the Report  under options (Top Right)

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