Boost Safety: Smart Crowd Control with Live Data

Discover real-time occupancy monitoring solutions with our SMS Smart App. Ideal for businesses needing accurate, up-to-the-minute occupancy data to enhance customer safety and operational efficiency. Learn more today!

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    T.M.A.S. as well as the SMS Storetraffic app now have the ability to provide LIVE occupancy data using the current compatible traffic counters in your locations.

    Forget about non compliance and human error when attempting to perform crowd control with manual clickers and paper. 

    Whether you're looking to:

    • Monitor from a distance
    • Enforce your policy
    • Avoid legal trouble and/or social backlash 
    • Improve continually through reporting analysis

    With these new features and an upgrade to a Live Data subscription you can take advantage of the following:

    SMS Storetraffic Mobile App Features
    • Occupancy monitor right from your mobile device or PC.
    • Set the MAX Occupancy.
    • Data updates within seconds or streams in real time (Counter type dependent).
    • Adjust occupancy on the Fly.
    • Reset occupancy completely if needed throughout the day.
    • Get compliance reports directly from T.M.A.S. or scheduled report (Coming Soon).
    T.M.A.S. Application

    Click Here to LEARN MORE about Occupancy from the SMS Smart APP

    Click Here to LEARN MORE about Occupancy from the T.M.A.S. Platform

    Assuming you have one of the following counters in your locations: 

    Compatible SMS Storetraffic Counting Technology
    PEARL People Counter 3DScope (1st or 2nd Gen)

    SMS can enable this feature for you quickly and easily by contacting your SMS Storetraffic sales representative or

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