Occupancy Log

Total People in a location by interval

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    A report detailing the total number of people who occupied the location during the specified time period and selected interval. 

    *Note - This report is ONLY available for locations which have have bidirectional (IN/OUT) counters installed.*

    How is it Useful?

    Aides to determine how many people was in the location at any given interval.

    Who would normally use this report?

    Retail Stores, Public locations such as Museums, Libraries, Pools, Municipal Buildings

    Steps to run an Occupancy Log Report:

    We will assume that we have picked the location and date we want include in the report.

    1. Select Analytics.
    2. Select Reports
    3. Expand List of Reports (If run recently could appear under "Recently Used Reports")
    4. Generate Report by clicking the play Icon in the Occupancy Log report tile
    5. (Optional) Input the title name of your choice.
    6. Select Interval (15min, 30min, Hourly, Daily..etc)
    7. Checkoff View selection (*Note - option may be locked dependent on the location type selected)
    8. Checkoff Weekday selections to include/exclude
    9. Click Submit 
    10. Select Open (MS Excel) with or Save 
    11. Once opened enable edits if you require to manipulate the date or filter.

    *Note - This report can be scheduled - Refer to the scheduling a report help article about how to successfully schedule reports.

    Result: Excel Output Only

    *Note - The Corrupt Column Indicates if there were any device outages which may have affected the data during the specified report period - It can also appear because you forgot to add your business hours*

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