Latest SMS Smart App Release Notes – Comprehensive Update List

Explore the latest updates with the SMS Smart App release notes. Discover new features, bug fixes, and enhancements to enhance your user experience.

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    This article provides a concise summary of the latest software update, detailing new features, bug fixes, and enhancements. Release notes are essential for users to comprehend updates, guarantee compatibility, and fully leverage the new functionalities. Developers also utilize these notes to clearly and openly convey changes to their audience.

    April 2024 - v1.77.53

    • Pearl people counter configuration support for latest Samsung / Pixel devices
    • Minor Interface enhancements
    • Improved account password creation process.

    July 2023 - v1.75.01

    • minor bug fixes and improvements

    Sept 2022 - v1.75

    • Show more detailed error messages on the login screen for some specific scenarios.
    • Fix login page for multiple screen resolution.
    • Added the ability to delete the user within the app.
    • Updated report page to fix a low-occurrence issue where the dates and traffic not matching.
    • Updated email validation to accept more domain extensions (such as .digital domains).
    • Updated some missing text labels.

    Nov 2021 - v1.74

    • Added WiFi compatibility info
    • Added interface for 3D scope devices

    May 2021 - v1.73

    • New Feature - Retail Equation
    • Improved Occupancy Notifications
    • Improved Pearl configuration wizard

    Dec 2020 - v1.72

    • New Style Icons
    • Samsung Galaxy S10 Pearl configuration fix
    • Occupancy adjustment fix for hour performed.
    • Fix for location creation time zones.

    April 2020 - v1.70

    • iOS v10 compatibility
    • New Feature - Occupancy Notifications in App
    • Fix - Occupancy Refresh issue for T.M.A.S. Store Manager Users
    • Fix - Occupancy refresh if accessed through Device List
    • Fix - issue with iOS, Pearl configuration where location permission is not allowed.

    Jan 2020 - v1.69

    • TMAS Users - fix to allow more than 4-5 weeks of traffic viewable
    • Fix - error when going to previous weeks in report views
    • Fix - various missing translations in French
    • Account password reset improvements where a company does not exist

    Dec 2019 - v1.68

    • New App UI design
    • Pearl network configuration improvements
    • Account password reset improvements
    • iOS - fix retry after “Unable to join” error message
    • Fixed acceptance of internation phone numbers







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