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    Smart Crowd Control with Live Occupancy Data

    NEW* - SMS Storetraffic app now has the ability to provide LIVE occupancy data using the current compatible traffic counters in your locations.

    Forget about non compliance and human error when attempting to perform crowd control with manual clickers and paper. 

    Whether you're looking to:

    • Monitor from a distance
    • Enforce your policy
    • Avoid legal trouble and/or social backlash 
    • Improve continually through reporting analysis

    With these new features and an upgrade to a Live Data subscription you can take advantage of the following:

    Compatible SMS Storetraffic Counting Technology
    The following bidirectional traffic counters supplied by SMS are compatible to provide live occupancy data.
    PEARL People Counter 3DScope (1st or 2nd Gen)
    SMS can enable this feature for you quickly and easily by contacting your SMS Storetraffic sales representative or

    Understanding Occupancy

    Occupancy is the amount of people occupying a space at any given time.  In order to achieve this the following specifications must be met.

    • Installation of a bidirectional traffic counter.
    • Live T.M.A.S. Subscription
    • Feature has been enabled on your T.M.A.S. account
    • Location is adequately covered with devices to account for all IN and OUT traffic in the monitored area

    Viewing Occupancy

    The occupancy tab will only be displayed within the SMS APP if the above specifications have been met on your T.M.A.S. account. Please contact to upgrade your T.M.A.S. plan or if you have already upgraded and the tab is not appearing.

    Simply navigate to a location and select the Occupancy Tab. 

    App Occupancy Features

    Screen Overview

    1. Current OccupancyValue
      • Wheel color will change depending on how close to the MAX Occupancy the current value is.
    2. Occupancy % and Max Occupancy
      • Max occupancy can be set by location from the T.M.A.S. portal - Learn More
    3. Adjust OccupancyButton
      • Should the need arise adjust counts directly from the APP
      • Adjusting counts updates the Last Occupancy tailoring time
    4. Toggle between Adjusted and Unadjusted Current Occupancy
    5. Last occupancy tailoring and 5 second Refresh timer

    To LEARN about how T.M.A.S. can help monitor occupancy and report on compliance - Click Here


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