3DScope I / II / IILC - Importing the count log

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    This article details the process to manually retrieve and import a count log from a 3Dscope 1st or 2nd generation device into T.M.A.S. Software.  This process is intended to be used as a workaround when an error prevented the traffic counter from sending counts normally to the TMAS software by push notifications.

    Note: Data logging must have been enabled on the 3DScope in order to have a log to retrieve.

    How to retrieve the Count Log from a 3DScope (1st Generation)

    1. Click Logging
    2. Click Export Log
    3. Select a file location
    4. Save

    How to retrieve the Count Log from a 3DScope II / IILC

    1. Select Data Recording 
    2. Verify Setting “Record Counting data” was enabled (If this was NOT set previously - there will be NO files to download.)
    3. Click Download All Data Files 
    4. Click OK 

    5.  Save files when prompted

    6. Open Downloaded TAR file with WINRAR or another compression application and extract to a local directory on the PC.



    How to Import the Count Log into TMAS through equipment inventory

    1. Select Store Location
    2. Select Equipment Inventory
    3. Click ‘Q’ icon next to the desired device
    4. Browse for Log File on your PC (*.TAR or the extracted individual CSV files, according to the desired date)
    5. Click Submit (Do not Close the window until you receive a successful message or error). 



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