3DScope II device - Adding Child or secondary count lines

Learn how to add additional count lines to your 3DScope II device, allowing you to track different items or activities simultaneously.

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    Use the following process to add additional count lines in TMAS Equipment Inventory to obtain counts from the following types of objects able to be tracked in a 3DScope II counter. 

    • Adults / Sum (Red Dot)
    • Child (Yellow Dot)
    • Groups (Adult / Child Objects within floor area/proximity)
    • Carts (Blue Dots)

    Note* Objects appear in the counter as a grey dot but are not recorded and/or transmitted to TMAS.

    How to add additional count lines.

    Equipment Inventory: Adding Equipment
    1. Login to T.M.A.S.
    2. Expand Administration
    3. Select Equipment Inventory
    4. Select Add
    5. Select Next
    6. Bullet Sensor/Count Line
    7. Input a Label (Ex: Entrance - Child IN)
    8. Uncheck Viewable in reports
    9. Select device from Sensor connected to Unit ID
    10. Select Next
    11. Select Door # referring to the following table dependent on the type of count line being added. (Ex: 31 for Child IN)
    12. Select Next
    13. Sensor has been Successfully Added.  Select Continue to add the OUT line or close.


    Both IN and OUT count lines need to be created in order for data to populate reports.



    (Optional) How to Add additional count lines for a single 3DScope II device.

    Lines 2, 3 etc. need to already be setup on the 3DScope II device calibration.

    Repeat the above process however use the following door # that correspond.  Properly label the sensor for the Regular Line or Child Line.

    3D Scope II Count Line Hubs
    Count Line Name Direction IN Direction Out
    Adult Child Group Cart Adult Child Group Cart
    Line1 (A) 1 31 141 181 2 32 142 182
    Line2 (B) 11 33 143 183 12 34 144 184
    Line3 (C) 13 35 145 185 14 36 146 186
    Line4 (D) 15 37 147 187 16 38 148 188


    Q: At what height is a target considered a child?
    A: The 3D counter will classify as 'children' all targets lower than 51.8'' (130cm), typically +-5% margin of error.  Adjustable setting in 3DScope II firmware version 2.4 and later.
    Q: Is the accuracy for child counting the same as for adult counting?
    A: Small targets, which are classified as children, do present more complexity to be recorded accurately (hidden by high targets, very close together, close to trolley/stroller/cart, etc.). Therefore, SMS presents small target counting as 'Child Trending' rather than highly accurate counting. 



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