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    The dashboard gives you valuable data at a glance, always for the current Date & Time and based on the current location selected. Each tile represents a different data variable which can be displayed based on the information that has been provided to T.M.A.S.

    Retail Equation

    *NEW* to T.M.A.S. the Retail Equation displays dashboard tiles in the order for understanding influencing factors of sales.

    For more information about the Equation Simulator refer to the following article:

    Industry Index

    A tool for retailers to see benchmarks and trends related to traffic.

    Data is based on the selected locations country of origin as well as industry.

    • Traffic Trend tile will provide a week to date (Sunday to Saturday) percentage-based stat indicating if traffic is UP+ or DOWN- as a sum of all business dependent on the country or the location as well as industry (retail or non-retail).  The trend compares Last week to date to This week to date (Sunday to Saturday).

    Hovering over tiles will provide stats for the previous week and week beforehand

    Dashboard Traffic Only Tile Filtering

    Depending on the Chain / Region / District or Locations business category selection the dashboard will display Sales and Staff data along with Traffic data or simply Traffic only.

    Sales and Staff Data Displayed
    Traffic Only Tiles Displayed
    • Arts, crafts, and collectibles
    • Babies
    • Beauty and fragrances
    • Books and magazines
    • Clothing, accessories
    • Computers, accessories, and services
    • Electronics and telecom
    • Food retail and service
    • Gifts and flowers
    • Health and personal care 
    • Home and garden
    • Pets and animals
    • Retail (not elsewhere classified) 
    • Sports and outdoors
    • Toys and hobbies
    • Travel
    • Vehicle sales
    • Vehicle service and accessories
    • Business to business
    • Education
    • Entertainment and media
    • FIN("Financial services and products
    • Government
    • Nonprofit
    • Religion and spirituality (for profit)
    • Services - other
    • Malls and diverse shopping centers
    • Public Institutes and Organisms
    • Unclassified/Not_Specified

    User Role Based Dashboards

    Dependent on the role membership indicated on a user account one of the following dashboards will appear as default, in addition to the Retail Equation. 

    Custom Dashboards available on demand

    Please note additional fees may apply. Please send requests/inquiries to for more information. 

    Dashboard Tiles Explained

    Interacting with Dashboard Tiles

    Hovering over or touching a tile will detail more comparison data between Today and Last Week / Last Year same calendar weekday.

    Traffic Dashboard Tiles

    • Today's Traffic - Current Traffic up to the last update from the Traffic counter
    • Pass By - Traffic which has passed in front of your location.
    • Capture Rate - Difference between what is passing in front of your location vs entering into the location
    • Occupancy - Estimated number of people currently inside the location (available with directional traffic Counting technology only)

    Sales Dashboard Tiles

    • Performance on Traffic - Current sales dollars value of each 100 people walking in based on the current general performance
    • % Sold - Transactions / Traffic (Conversion Rate)
    • Sales - Total sales dollars accumulated for Today 
    • Average Sale - Sales Dollars averaged to a single transaction for Today 
    • Transactions - Total accumulated transactions for Today 
    • Units per Transaction - Average number of items purchased per transaction for Today 

    Staffing Dashboard Tiles

    • Staff Hours - Total accumulated staff hours for today 
    • Customer per staff Hour - Traffic 'handled' for each single staff hour 
    • Sales per staff Hour - Sales Dollars 'handled' for each single staff hour
    • Transactions per staff Hour - Average number of Transactions 'handled' for each single staff hour 

    Facts Dashboard Tiles

    • Weather - Current weather in selected location 

    Source: - Refresh rate: about every 3 hours

    • Special Event / Marketing Campaign - Displays indicator if there are any current or past events for the selected location

    Dashboard Tabs based on User Permission Role

    For specifics on which roles get which Dashboard views refer to the following article.

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