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    Welcome to T.M.A.S. !

    T.M.A.S. people counting software is a cloud- based web platform which provides traffic analytic tools for increasing performance. A current valid subscription is required in order to be able to login to the application.

    Not currently a customer? LEARN more about T.M.A.S.

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    How to login to T.M.A.S.

    1. Navigate to

    2. Login with the credentials used for the SMS Storetraffic App or from the Welcome to T.M.A.S. invitation e-mail sent during your user account creation.'


    Login credentials are the same between the SMS Storetraffic APP and T.M.A.S. provided that the account has a valid current T.M.A.S. subscription active.


    T.M.A.S. Account Setup from Welcome E-mail

    1. Locate and open e-mail sent from
    2. Identify username indicated in the e-mail
    3. Click configure password and proceed to input a password conforming to the requirements and confirm the password.
    4. Once the password is configured you should have been auto logged into T.M.A.S.

    Every new member should have received a welcome e-mail which provides the access URL, User name as well as a link to configure a password.  Note*If your organization has integrated T.M.A.S. with Microsoft Azure, the Welcome e-mail will be different.  An example is provided after the information below.

    Other useful information provided in the welcome e-mail is the person who created your member access as well as their contact information.

    There is also a link to the SMS Storetraffic Help Site

    The E-mail is sent from NOREPLY@SMSSOFTWARE.NET.

    Requesting a password reset

    1. Navigate to T.M.A.S.
    2. Click forgot next to the password field
    3. Input your username to be sent a password reset e-mail
    4. Click Submit
    5. Locate and open the password reset e-mail (sent from
    6. Click the password reset button within the e-mail
    7. Input a new password and confirm
    8. Click Reset your password

    Cannot use previous used passwords

    Please note that you will not be able to use any previously user passwords, and T.M.A.S. will prompt an error.


    Logging into T.M.A.S.

    Members can login with their T.M.A.S. account or (If they have an Azure Integration Enabled) can sign in with their Microsoft Account.  Either type of login requires a T.M.A.S. admin to have created a user in T.M.A.S.
    1. Open in a browser
    2. Input Username (Received from Welcome E-mail)
    3. Input Password (Configured with button link form Welcome E-mail)
    4. Click Login

    Logging into T.M.A.S. using Multi-Factor Authentication

    T.M.A.S. offers different types of MFA options.

    • Auth App by QR code
    • Text message SMS
    • E-mail OTP code
    How to setup MFA
    1. Select your username from the top right in T.M.A.S.
    2. Select Account Setting
    3. Verify your e-mail and mobile phone number in user information is correct. 
    4. Select Security Tab
    5. Toggle On Activate Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
    6. Select an Authentication (MFA) type from the dropdown.
    7. Select Save


    Text message-based OTP is available only to mobile numbers based in USA / CANADA.  

    If Auth App is selected, you will be prompted to scan the QR code or input the Auth Code to sync your preferred app.  (Recommended Apps: MS, Google, Last Pass, DUO)


    Logging into T.M.A.S. using a Microsoft account.

    refer to this article MS Azure Active Directory integration with T.M.A.S.


    Q: I have not received a welcome e-mail with login information.

    A: Verify your inbox for e-mails from example in this article above.

    • Verify your junk folder in your inbox.
    • Contact your T.M.A.S. Admin in your company to resend.
    • Verify that your company SMTP has whitelisted e-mail from to be delivered to your inbox.
    Q: None of our users are receiving e-mails from T.M.A.S. with welcome e-mails or password resets.

    A: Verify your inbox that the e-mails from are not going to the "Other", "Junk" or another folder from a custom defined inbox rule.

    • Have your T.M.A.S. Admin verify that your e-mail address in our account is correct and your account is enabled and whitelisted
    • If you cannot locate these emails, verify with your IT department if the is whitelisted.  
    • If you are the T.M.A.S. admin, contact 
    Q: My account has been locked due to too many incorrect password attempts; how do I get it unlocked?

    A: Contact your internal T.M.A.S. administrator to re-enable your account and send a reset password e-mail.

    If you are the T.M.A.S. administrator and there is no-one else in your organization who has access in T.M.A.S. to re-enable your account and reset your password, contact 

    Q: Can user passwords be set manually by a T.M.A.S. admin?
    A: No, due to SMS Store traffic software security policies, password resets and selection MUST be performed by selecting the link generate or reset password button from the received e-mail from
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