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    This article refers to the various ways on how to access the T.M.A.S. application.  Initial access is setup by SMS Storetraffic once a T.M.A.S. subscription has been purchased to the individual contact who has been appointed as the account admin.

    Welcome to T.M.A.S. !

    Every new member should have received a welcome e-mail which provides the access URL, User name as well as a link to configure a password.  Note*If your organization has integrated T.M.A.S. with Microsoft Azure, the Welcome e-mail will be different.  An example is provided after the information below.

    Other useful information provided in the welcome e-mail is the person who created your member access as well as their contact information.

    There is also a link to the Help Knowledge Database.

    The E-mail is sent from NOREPLY@SMSSOFTWARE.NET.

    By clicking on your default web browser will open and navigate you to the password select screen.

    Requirements: Password must contain: 1 capital letter, 1 number and 1 special character with a minimum of 8 characters long.

    Complete password configuration using these steps

    1. Copy username from received 'T.M.A.S. Welcome e-mail' into 'Username' field.
    2. Type in password that conforms to the requirements (As you type requirements will become checked, if your password confirms to all requirements the password field will highlight green.)
    3. Type in your password again exactly as before to confirm. (If the password is identical to the previous entry, the field will be highlighted in green).
    4. Click "Configure your Password"


    Example of Welcome E-mail if using the Integrated Microsoft Azure Feature

    Logging into T.M.A.S.

    Members can login with their T.M.A.S. account or (If they have an Azure Integration Enabled) can sign in with their Microsoft Account.  Either type of login requires a T.M.A.S. admin to have created a user in T.M.A.S. 

    Login with the T.M.A.S. account
    1. Open in a browser
    2. Input Username (Received from Welcome E-mail)
    3. Input Password (Configured with button link form Welcome E-mail)
    4. Click Login
    Login to T.M.A.S. with your Microsoft Office Account
    1. Open in a browser
    2. Click "Sign in with Microsoft"
    3. Input Username 
      • Note* If you are already logged into another MS application in the browser it is poss
    4. Click Sign in
    5. Select 'Work/School' Account or 'Personal' (If Prompted)
    6. Enter Password
    7. Enter Code (If Prompted - Required for MS Users with 2-Step authentication)

    You get 5 attempts to indicate your password correctly to Login to T.M.A.S. prior to your account becoming disabled.

    X5 times =

    In the event your account becomes disabled you will need to contact your T.M.A.S. Admin to re-enable the account so you can receive a reset password e-mail.


    Requesting a Password Reset

    Note* If your organization is using a mandatory Microsoft account, please follow your normal process to reset the password or request for a password reset.

    1. Open in a browser
    2. Input a valid user name
    3. Click "I forgot my password, please mail me a new one"
    4. Click OK to following message.
    5. Verify your E-mail Inbox for the password reset e-mail (Note* Password Reset Link is ONLY valid for 2 hours)
    6. Open Password Reset E-mail (Example: of what is received below)
    7. Click Reset your password button
    8. Follow on-screen instructions to indicate a new password (Note* Password cannot be the same as the OLD password). 

    The E-mail is sent from NOREPLY@SMSSOFTWARE.NET.

    Changing your password

    From the T.M.A.S. Member Login page you will find a link that will prompt change password fields.

    1. Open in a browser.
    2. Click I want to change my password.
    3. Input username
    4. Input current password
    5. Input new password
    6. confirm password
    7. Click Reset your password


    Q: I have not received a welcome e-mail with login information. Q: None of our users are receiving e-mails from T.M.A.S. with welcome e-mails or password resets.
    • A: Verify your inbox that the e-mails from are not going to the "Other", "Junk" or another folder from a custom defined inbox rule.
      • Have your T.M.A.S. Admin verify that your e-mail address in our account is correct and your account is enabled and whitelisted
      • If you cannot locate these emails, verify with your IT department if the is whitelisted.  
      • If you are the T.M.A.S. admin, contact

    Q: My account has been locked due to too many incorrect password attempts, how do I get it unlocked?

    • A: Contact your internal T.M.A.S. administrator to re-enable your account and reset your password.
      • If you are the T.M.A.S. administrator and there is no-one else in your organization who has access in T.M.A.S. to re-enable your account and reset your password, contact 

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